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NanoBase is series of nonwoven fabric for battery separator that can realize compatibility between low cost and great improvement in battery performance.
Lineup Feature Application
Lithium Ion Battery Electric Double-layer Capacitor
NanoBase2 Cellulose nano-fiber separator
Combination with synthetic fiber
NanoBaseX Ceramic coated separator
Base: Polyester non-woven
◎:main target
○:well-matched under a specific condition

High heat-resistant non-woven separator with thinness and small pore size, accomplished by optimum combination of fine synthetic fibers and cellulose nano-fibers.


Ceramic coated polyester non-woven separator fulfilling high heat-resistance and small uniform pore size.

Battery Safety Test(movie)

It has been confirmed that our newly-developed coated nonwoven separator for lithium ion battery, NanoBaseX, contributes to ensure the high safety even on the cell using nickel-lithium oxide as a positive electrode. 

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