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R&D Efforts

Mitsubishi Paper Mills for High Grade and Information Media

Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited was founded in 1898 during the period of cultural enlightenment of the Meiji era by Hisaya lwasaki, who purchased a paper mill established in Kobe by people from a foreign country.

Since that time, the company approached new fields with an innovative spirit and a technology-oriented company style to grow into an unique paper manufacturer with a broad range of technical expertise to handle not only printing papers but also communication paper, inkjet paper, special functional paper, photographic paper, electronic materials, CTP printing plates, and printing and plate-making equipment.

Combining our long experience in paper making and silver halide photography, Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited has been developing products for devices of digital age such as inkjet printer, digital on-demand press, and rewritable thermal print system.

Pursuing our objective " Mitsubishi Paper Mills for High-grade & Information Media," we will keep working hard on technology development in wider fields including the plate making system, pre-press software, and functional material with further integration of our multi background.

Honing Technology to Face Challenges in New Fields

In its research centers, Mitsubishi Paper Mills is strengthening basic technologies in existing areas, and actively seeking and developing new fields.

Mitsubishi Paper Mills not only performs research on paper and related fundamental technologies, we are also conducting sophisticated product development to meet the color/digital society. The technological advances made through the development of photosensitive materials and specialty materials have been gathered together to develop advanced printing equipment and systems. These advances have also led to the development of new functional materials (electronic materials/amenity field).

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