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Technology supporting product development(Analysis)


Today's development cannot be performed without support by highly sophisticated analysis. Our analysis experts offer comprehensive and strong support to our research, development and production.

Analysis-Key for high quality product

Our analysis group is responsible for various subjects including quality control and resolving production problems. Our long experience in analysis is accumulated in a database to enable efficient and prompt service.


Our analysis group is fully equipped with the latest apparatus. Four major segments of analysis, surface observation, elemental determination of inorganic components, structural analysis of organic substances, and thermal analysis, are mainly utilized. Most of the instruments are connected to computer networks, and obtained data are stored directly in the database.

Our analysis equipments

Development of new analysis method

The most advanced analysis technology of yesterday is not the latest technology even today. Our analysis experts participate frequently in external conferences and seminars to follow up on the latest technologies. We develop new methods of analysis when known techniques cannot be applied. Element distribution analysis by special sample preparation methods and discrimination of micrometer scale organic particles are a few examples of our newly developed analysis techniques.

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