Silver Digiplate System

Specifications of Polyester/Paper printing plates

Product name Substrate Material thickness Light source Run length
SDP-FRS175 Polyester, matt reverse side 0.20 mm Red-LD (633-680 nm)
He-Ne (633 nm)
20,000 sheets
SDP-FR100 Polyester 0.12/0.20 mm Red-LD (633-680 nm)
He-Ne(633 nm)
20,000 sheets
SDP-RR 175 Paper 0.14/0.19 mm Red-LD (633-680 nm)
He-Ne(633 nm)
10,000 sheets

This material is available in rolls for various imagesetter specifications.
Specification described above are dependent upon laser power as well as processing and press conditions.

Graphic arts materials