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Thermal Digiplate TDP-459II/324II TDP-750/580
Process-free CTP system for paper based offset printing plates CTP Thermal Digiplate

The First in the World!!
Processless, Chem Free & Dual Function Computer to Plate/Film System!!

TDP-459II / 324II / 750 / 580 : Thermal Digiplate Dual Function (Plate/Film) Setter

  • Dependable thermal inline head technology
  • Native 1,200 dpi thermal thin film technology
  • No chemicals! No toner! No ink ribbon!
  • Easy maintenance!
  • High speed- maximum 75 plates/hr (TDP-459II/324II)
    maximum 55 plates/hr (TDP-750/580)
  • Excellent repeatability

TDP-R175: Thermal Digiplate Offset Plate

  • Truly processless CTP (Computer-to-Plate) paper-based plate
  • Absolutely no chemical required
  • High contrast image. Good image visibility
  • Available in rolls
  • Daylight handling


TDP-IFL100/IFS125: Thermal Graphic Arts Film

  • Truly processless CTF (Computer-to-Film) film
  • Absolutely no chemical required
  • Eliminates toner & ink
  • Good dimensional stability. Accurate registration
  • Available in rolls
  • Daylight handling
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