Photo paper is a premium high-resolution resin-coated paper designed for the highest quality color images. Photo is ideal for photographic quality output where heavy ink laydowns are commonplace. these papers have excellent color reproduction.
These are uniquely coated high-resolution papers that feature water- and light-resistant properties. These papers dry instantly for easy handling and laminating.
Designed for moderate to heavy ink laydowns. Moreover, these papers deliver sharp images and brilliant color without costly handling problems.
These papers are high-resolution, bright, white, coated papers designed for quality output at an affordable price. Matte papers are ideal for everyday printing from simple monochrome documents to bright photographic output.
These are white film based inkjet media compatible with water based pigmented inks.
These film are designed for the water- and light- resistant properties.
This is clear polyester film based inkjet media ( for light-box display ) compatible with water based pigment inks. This film is designed for the water- and light- resistant properties.
These papers show best performance for imposition proofing and color reproduction.
Proofing papers brilliantly simulate offset printing for the needs of printing and design industries. Proofing papers are designed to provide impression of conventional coated paper for offset printing.

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