Making the previously impossible “commercial printing + data printing” possible.
With Innovation Comes Opportunity

The innovations that are transforming inkjet printing into what we now call continuous feed, production inkjet printing are also transforming the world of paper.  With new requirements for print quality, ink capacity, dry time, surface finish and various types of post processing, Mitsubishi Paper Mills set out to develop a family of revolutionary new coating technologies and paper types that meet these market requirement and enable production inkjet presses to shine.

Mitsubishi Paper Mills has developed two major categories of paper: treated paper such as Premier IJ Form and coated paper such as SWORD iJET®. Both paper types have high print quality and good dimensional stability to withstand the stresses both during printing, finishing.

The concept of “Adding inkjet functionality to offset paper”
Treated Paper

For the details of treated paper, such as Premier IJ Form, please click here.

Coated Paper

For the details of coated Production Inkjet Paper, such as SWORD iJET®, please click here.

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