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With Our Customers

Product Safety Code

In order to provide products that can be used safely by customers, we have established a “Product Safety Code” in an effort to improve the safety of our products.

Product Safety Code

Mitsubishi Paper Mills believes that the role of a company in society is to provide safe and useful products along with satisfying services to customers, and we have utilized our excellent technology to provide safe products to society.

From here on, we will steadily implement the following actions throughout the entire company in order to maintain stable management and continue providing society with safe products and satisfying services that meet the needs of the time.

  • We will strengthen our quality control systems and product safety control systems, and provide products after their safety has been checked using the latest science and technology.
  • We will work to stabilize the manufacturing process to always provide products of uniform quality.
  • We will provide accurate and reliable information on the correct way to use products and the safety of products.

March 1995

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Quality Control Systems

We have established a quality control system in each of our mills with the mill manager serving as a quality control supervisor, and under the system, we are able to quickly respond to information and quality-related questions from customers.

We have received ISO9001 certification in our Hachinohe Mill, Kyoto Mill, Kitakami Hitec Paper, our Pressboard Office of Shirakawa Mill and Toho Tokushu Pulp in Japan, and overseas for Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH (Germany) Bielefeld Mill and Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH (Germany) Flensburg Mill.

We will continue our efforts to maintain and improve the quality of our products in the future.

Product Safety Control Systems

In order to actively promote specific activities for ensuring product safety, we have established a Product Safety Judgment Panel as a special subcommittee of the Product Liability (PL) Subcommittee. We perform stringent management in accordance with our Chemicals Management Policy and Green Procurement Standard.

Furthermore, we obtain information on new laws and hazards in timely manner, constantly perform safety checks on chemicals, and ensure the materials we use are safe.

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