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  • Thermal Digiplater TDP-459II/324II TDP-750/580
  • Screen Meister MDS-360

Our solutions offer right-sized affordable, eco-friendly choices that cost less to own and operate and are less complicated to run allowing you to save time and money so you can be more competitive and land more work.


TDP-459II/324II TDP-750/580

Thermal Digiplater TDP-459II/324II TDP-750/580
  • True chemical-free and processless technology
  • Thermal, paper-based CTP plate
  • High speed output

Screen Meister MDS-360

Screen Meister MDS-360
  • High Resolution, 1204 dpi
  • Direct to Substrate, No Film Required
  • Processless Dry Thermal Imaging
  • High Speed Production
  • Easy to Use

Silver Digiplate System

Silver Digiplate System
  • Proven Performance
  • Industry Standard for Polyester Plate
  • High Quality
  • First Generation

Silver Master (SLM)

Silver Master (SLM)
  • Highest-Quality Direct Imaged Plates
Graphic arts materials