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SDP-Eco 1630IIIR
Silver Digiplater for Polyester- and Paper base printing plates SDP-Eco 1630IIIR

Welcome to the world of CTP!

  • Higher resolution, now up to 2400 dpi
  • Best CTP solution for the small format printing
  • Low investment and production costs
  • For high-quality 4-c printing
  • Ideal for 2-up printing applications
  • Very compact body
  • Easy operation and low maintenance
  • Environmentally-friendly integrated processor
  • Extremely high recording speed
  • Optional integrated punching system for increased productivity

Features of the SDP-Eco 1630IIIR

Mitsubishi's Silver Digiplater SDP-Eco 1630IIIR is a completely automated, digital platesetting system for all applications from black-and-white up to 4-colour printing.

Fast and compact

Put more on your printing plate

The SDP-Eco1630IIIR is fully automated so it requires a minimum of training to operate and a minimum of time to produce press-ready plates. You load it with Silver DigiPlate material by the roll and the SDP-Eco1630IIIR essentially runs itself, accepting files from its companion RIP, then imaging, processing and even sizing your plates, all in one streamlined workflow.
Conventional platemaking steps like exposing and processing film, paste-up, stripping and plate burning are suddenly obsolete. That saves you time,money and materials.

Excellent Quality

Mitsubishi Silver Digiplate Material on paper and polyester base

The platesetter SDP-Eco 1630IIIR is designed to image Mitsubishi Silver Digiplate materials for maximum efficiency and reproduction quality.
The system is the perfect CTP solution for all applications in small format and 4-c printing.

Environmentally-friendly & Affordably priced

Less Chemistry, less costs

The SDP-Eco1630IIIR’s patented Eco Processing technology delivers extremely stable plate development, while requiring two-thirds less activator and stabilizer than other comparably sized platesetters. It does so by applying an extremely thin layer of activator and stabilizer to the plate surface. That lowers your costs and saves time by reducing your maintenance.

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