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Message from Top Management

Kunio Suzuki President & C.E.O.

Since its founding in 1898, Mitsubishi Paper Mills has constantly sought to employ its technological strengths to contribute to society. By developing and marketing value-added products that anticipate the needs of the next generation, the Company has played an important role in the development of information media in Japan in the publishing and printing industries, as well as in the development
of photographic technology.
The Company manufactures and sells almost the entire range of media products and materials used in all information recording processes, including not only paper for offset printing, and materials for printing plates as well as printing systems, but also carbonless and thermal paper, digital
photography materials, silver halide photographic paper, and paper for inkjet printing. We are also developing businesses that take advantage of the characteristics of paper (e.g., household and consumer paper and packages) in addition to information recording media.

Our Imaging Division handles a lineup of products that take advantage of our film coating technologies (e.g., electronics industry materials), IJ transfer paper and medical related products.
Meanwhile, our Speciality Materials Division provides a lineup of products that take advantage of our non-woven fabric technologies (e.g., water treatment membrane supporting body and battery separators) and thermo rewrite. Furthermore, we are also pouring our efforts into R&D in new
business fields. We have adopted a position suitable for accessing the global market by establishing production bases and R&D bases in Japan, Germany, China and Mexico.

In recent years, companies utilizing sustainable development goals (SDGs) in their management have been increasing in number around the world. Shoki hoko (corporate responsibility to society) is one of the three principles that have continued to be handed down in the Mitsubishi Group. We have been working to produce and sell FSC forest certified paper ahead of others to contribute to the
preservation of the irreplaceable global environment through our business. We are also striving to achieve a sustainable society through the papermaking business. For example, we have started selling environmentally-friendly food packaging coated paper that has biodegradable properties and
recyclable disaggregation properties as a plastic substitute material.

The business environment surrounding the Company is undergoing a major period of transition due to the development of digital information technologies. In response to this market and management environment, we have entered into a capital and business alliance with Oji Holdings to aim for the sustainable growth and corporate value improvement of the Company. We are now an affiliated
company of Oji Holdings accounted for by the equity-method. We will look to expand and deepen the effect of our capital and business alliance with the Oji Group in the future. We will strengthen our business foundations and work on diversification to accelerate the pace of development of the
Mitsubishi Paper Mills Group. We will then strive toward sustainable growth and the maximization of our corporate value in the mid- to long-term perspective.

I look forward to the continued support and encouragement of the Company's shareholders and all other stakeholders.

Kunio Suzuki President & C.E.O.

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