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Corporate Profile

Name Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited
President KISAKA Ryuichi
Head Office 2-10-14 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0026, Japan Map Telephone +81-3-5600-1488
Established April 1,1898
Capital ¥36,561,639,647
Sales ¥181,920 million (Consolidated, for the year ended March 31, 2022)
Employees 3,384 (Consolidated, as of March 31, 2022)
Businesses Production, processing, and sale of paper, pulp, and photosensitive materials

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Business Fields

Mitsubishi Paper Mills produces and develops not only printing paper, printing plate materials and printing systems supporting offset and other printing, but also supplies the media for almost all recording formats, such as pressure-sensitive, thermal, magnetic, electrographic, silver halide photography and inkjet paper. Furthermore, we are adding functional materials such as highly functional filters to our operating business, and we are increasing emphasis on research and development in new business areas.
With production facilities and R&D sites mainly located in Japan and Germany, and sales sites located in Japan, Germany and the United States, we have adopted a stance suited to access to global markets.

Paper plays an essential part of our lives by creating and enriching various aspects of our daily lifestyle. Reading books, sending letters, choosing products from catalogs, reliving memories in family photos… all are important aspects of our lives.

Business Fields
Printing & Communication Paper
Printing & Communication Paper
Mitsubishi Paper Mills is an advanced paper manufacturing company that was quick to manufacture and sell real-art-paper, the highest quality coated paper for printing. From the time the company was founded until this day, Mitsubishi Paper Mills has served as a comprehensive manufacturer providing high-grade printing and communication paper.
We have a repertoire of products that suits the needs of the times, such as coated printing paper, including New V Matt (a leading matte coated paper in Japan), wood-free paper, publishing paper, and FSC certified papers for these paper lines. Our papers are well known for beautiful color reproduction on printing, and thus are highly appreciated for their use in publishing applications, art books, photography collections, catalogs, brochures and pamphlets.
Mitsubishi Paper Mills is also a leader in the field of paper for recording and outputting information. We have a range of communication paper that meets various needs, including carbonless paper providing vivid colors, fast image development speed and comfortable printing operation, and thermal paper with high-quality, such as high sensitivity and excellent image stability.
Digital Imaging
Digital Imaging
Mitsubishi Paper Mills is a unique paper manufacturing company that is renowned for operating in the field of digital imaging.
We have a lineup of various products that play an important role in the field of imaging, such as photo paper, resin coated base paper, inkjet paper, CTP (Computer-to-Plate) equipment and automatic imposition software.
We are the only manufacturer in the world that handles the entire process of paper making, beginning with selecting wood, followed by pulp production, papermaking followed by resin coating of base paper, and the application of photosensitive materials. We distribute these high quality products both inside and outside of Japan. Mitsubishi Paper Mills began the research and development of inkjet paper in the 1970s, and has established itself as a global top runner.
In addition, Mitsubishi Paper Mills’ unique prepress-related products, which have been developed based on its excellent expertise in Japanese printing operation and reflect the requests of printing operators, are highly appreciated by their users.
New Business Development
New Business Development
Mitsubishi Paper Mills utilizes synergies between the accumulation of existing technologies and R&D capabilities to actively develop new fields of business such as electronics, environment/amenity and energy saving.
These efforts have come to fruition in recent years in the form of various non-woven fabrics such as high function filter and glass fiber sheet for cushion floor, and rewritable thermal recording material that allows repeated renewal of records. All of which have helped us to expand the field of our business. Mitsubishi Paper Mills also develops and sells products one step ahead of the competition, such as high function wipers, heat storage microcapsules and functional films.
The technologies developed to date have also been further extended to the development of new products and technologies such as desiccant air conditioning materials, unique electronic materials and printed circuit boards.

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