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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct of the Mitsubishi Paper Mills Group

(Revised on November 1, 2018)



The Mitsubishi Paper Mills Group hereby establishes the "Code of Conduct of the Mitsubishi Paper Mills Group" to assist it in fulfilling its social responsibility as a corporate citizen and in fostering a corporate group that deserves the trust of the community.

The top management of each company in our group shall recognize that the observance of this Code of Conduct is an obligation, and he/she shall build effective governance systems for performing the obligation. The top management shall also encourage behavior based on the principles of this Code of Conduct within the supply chain of our group. The top management shall resolve to address promptly and responsibly any issue that are in conflict with this Code of Conduct.

1. Purpose of corporate activities
Through high technology and innovation centered on paper, pulp, imaging media and specialty materials, we aim to develop and provide useful products and services to society, and to contribute to the development of sustainable and prosperous economy and society as the purpose of our corporate activities.
2. Compliance with laws and fair business practices
We shall comply with both the letter and the spirit of domestic and foreign laws and ordinances. We shall engage in free and fair competition, appropriate transactions and responsible procurement, and act with good sense and dignity as a member of society.
3. Transparency of corporate activities
We shall endeavor to engage in fair and transparent corporate activities, proactively disclose appropriate corporate information to achieve constructive communication with a wide range of stakeholders, such as customers, shareholders and the local community, and foster an understanding of the Company by the community for the purpose of increasing our corporate value.
4. Safety of products and services
We shall pay the greatest attention to the safety of the products and services we develop and supply, and we shall also consumers and customers with appropriate information about our products and services.
5. Harmonization of business activities with the environment
We shall deal with environmental problems earnestly, concentrating our energy on the sustainable management of forests and other resources to maintain the precious and irreplaceable global environment, and to contribute to the building of a recycling-oriented society.
6. Involvement in community and contribution to its development
We shall remain constantly aware of our role and responsibilities within society , and shall vigorously participate in activities that contribute to community development.
7. Respect for employees
We shall respect the diversity, character and personality of each employee, improve their capabilities, give top priority to safety and health in the workplace, and create a comfortable working environment for all employees that encourages a sense of fulfillment.
8. Thorough crisis management
We shall strive to maintain the order and safety of civil society and corporate activities. In the face of actions by antisocial forces, terrorism, cyber-attacks, natural disasters and other crises, we shall thoroughly implement systematic crisis management.
9. Respect of human rights
We shall conduct business that respects the human rights of all people, such as people affected by our corporate activities, people in the local community and people in the international community.

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