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Procurement of Raw Materials

Basic Policy for Procurement

  • Impartiality and fairness
    Mitsubishi Paper Mills emphasizes common sense and integrity in business interactions with its suppliers, and treats them impartially and fairly.
  • Procurement of the most suitable purchased goods
    Mitsubishi Paper Mills selects the most suitable suppliers based on a comprehensive evaluation of quality, cost, lead times, technological development capability, stability of supply, and corporate attitude (e.g., legal compliance, disavowal of anti-social elements, protection of intellectual property rights, protection of human rights, regard for the health and safety of workers, non-use of conflict minerals, efforts involving security trade control, and mindfulness of the environment) concerning all purchased goods, including raw materials, indirect materials, fuel, and machinery. With respect to overseas suppliers in particular, we choose suppliers after ensuring that those organizations are sufficiently committed to pursuits such as preserving biodiversity and preventing child labor.
  • Partnerships
    We aim to forge business relationships of mutual prosperity based on the understanding that all suppliers are partners providing us with competitive end products.

Revised September 2015

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Policy on Forest Resource Preservation and Nurturing, and on Wood Procurement and Products

  • When procuring wood, we confirm that it was produced in compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • We do not procure timber from forests with a high conservation value that is under threat.
  • We do not procure wood logged in violation of human rights or the right to preserve traditions.
  • We do not procure wood from genetically modified trees.
  • We procure reclaimed wood and wood from second-growth trees whose history and environmentally conscious management is clear.
  • We procure FSC-certified wood from properly managed forests.
  • Through the proactive development and sale of FSC-certified products, we promote proper forest management and the spread of the trusted forest certification system.
  • We will observe all proper practices in disclosing information about the abovementioned initiatives.

Revised in April 2015

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Raw wood procurement in fiscal 2017

Type of raw wood / Countries of raw wood chip production

We have verified that all wood chips and wood pulp procured in fiscal 2017 came from forests that were legally and appropriately managed.

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Method for verifying legal compliance and sound management

We have confirmed that wood chips and wood pulp are derived from forests managed legally and appropriately using one of the following methods.

  • Evidence of use of the forest certification and CoC certification systems (FSC-certified wood, FSC-controlled wood)
  • Evidence of methods of individual companies or organizations (controlled wood)
    In 2. above, we verify that wood is controlled in accordance with Requirements for Sourcing FSC Controlled Wood (FSC-STD-40-005). The verification method in conformance with these requirements is described below.
    • Collection of information concerning wood chips and pulp
      • Confirmation of the place of origin, wood type, forest management methods, etc. from traceability reports
      • Confirmation of documentation certifying the place of origin
        (e.g. documents related to transport and sales)
      • Regularly auditing suppliers and verifying document reliability
    • Assessing risk (taking measures to mitigate risk when necessary)
      • Assessing and verifying that place of origin of wood is a low risk with respect to A) through E) below.
        • A) Illegal logging
        • B) Violations of traditional or citizens' rights
        • C) Threats to forest with high conservation value
        • D) Turning natural forests into man-made forests or using them for other purposes
        • E) Genetically modified trees
      • Receiving audits of risk assessment results by an FSC certifying body

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The checking process from forest to product is as follows.

Flow flow chart of confirmation from forest to product

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